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  • Ballerina stockings are some of the absolute best in the world of hosiery and Ballerina Shop is the number one place in the world for finding them. Here you can also find Ballerina tights, and the many other types of hosiery from one of Europe's most incredible designers of leg wear. What exactly are Ballerina stockings though? How great can they really be and why do we love them so much? Well, let us take a look at their range and their history and a little bit about the designer themselves.
    You'll soon see that we have one of the largest Ballerina range online.

What Makes Ballerina Stockings And Tights So Great?

Ballerina is all about gorgeous designs and ornate and rich motifs. They are made with quality and comfort too, but first and foremost, it is the gorgeous and feminine designs that they enjoy making the most. They really do put that wonderful talent of their design team to great use with their gorgeous Ballerina hold ups. So what exactly do these items look like? They are inspired by the baroque period of fashion, interior decor, and fashion. Ballerina takes gorgeous design inspiration from the Rococo, Baroque and Gothic period, particularly the palaces and the stately homes of Europe. It takes so much inspiration from the most ornate and beautiful parts of the man made world, but not just from there too.

Nature provides so much source material for Ballerina hosiery. There are trailing vines and gorgeous motifs that absolutely make these gorgeous Ballerina tights look so much better. Things like floral backseam tights or animal print tights with a really exceptional and creative take on an old favourite is something that Ballerina pantyhose would absolutely do and do so very well. They really are some of the best items of hosiery imaginable for bringing together the richness of certain traditional patterns and the beauty and depth of the natural world. So if you want something that is made with quality, a great fit, and is also rather affordable, especially for the amazing level of fashion greatness you see from this range, then Ballerina stockings and hold ups are just what you need. They really do have so much, but if it is gorgeous and head turning designs you love, then they aren't just great for you, they are perfect for you. Take a look at their whole range here and find something exceptional and beautiful today. Click any item we have here to be taken to the product at a registered retailer for the designer and find the gorgeous items for yourself.